What is DELPHI?

DELPHI is a project I have developed with the support of my National Teaching Fellowship award. It offers web-based professional development materials for language teaching.

While most universities have a professional development programme leading to a postgraduate certificate or diploma in teaching and learning, this usually consists of generic development with minimal subject-specific content. In Languages, however, there are clearly distinctive 'technical' aspects of teaching and learning which require specialist input. DELPHI therefore offers a range of subject-specific modules to teachers of any modern foreign language.

The DELPHI materials consist of 14 distance-learning modules on different aspects of language teaching. They typically include: text, reflective tasks and exercises supported by keys, case studies, selected readings, extracts from interviews with practitioners and students, video or audio clips, annotated suggestions for further reading and practical follow-up activities which serve as assessment tasks for those who wish to use the materials as part of an accredited staff development programme.

The materials are aimed both at those who are new to the profession and more experienced tutors keen to refresh knowledge and update skills as part of their ongoing professional development.

Other areas of the DELPHI website provide information on the latest publications in the field, a number of links to relevant sites and information on other training opportunities.

Access to all the modules and other areas of the website is completely free of charge to anyone working in higher education. However, for copyright reasons, the modules are password-protected. To gain access, all you have to do is contact us and provide us with a few basic details to help us evaluate the scheme. 

John Klapper
Centre for Modern Languages
University of Birmingham